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yahoo customer support number

Settling error codes are really a big nightmare to fix it up. In spite of being a user-friendly application, user finds many issues to work with yahoo account. Whenever he/she tries to attend any activity in yahoo mail account he could see error codes on the screen. Nothing is error-free in this world; yahoo mail is no way exceptional. But need not worry about that we are here to help you out. Stay connected with Yahoo customer support number to get rid of error codes.

The below mentioned are the two common errors that most of the users face. Let’s see how to handle it

Error code: 554

When sender is sending a mail, he receives a non-delivery receipt with the error code 554. It means recipient address is rejected in other words access is denied. This issue occurs only with specific email address. This happens when the Directory Management or Active Directory Sync client is enabled.
Solution: The email address should be added to the list uploaded or on the Directory Management feature or synchronized with the AD Sync client.

Error code: 14

Yahoo mail temporary error code 14 is a common error faced by many of the users. It means access to the account is restricted. Most of the time error gets resolved on its own, however if the problem persist contact yahoo customer service.


 Check the server status of yahoo mail
 If the problem is not at yahoo end then it is at your end.
 In that case check your web browser and clear cache
 To do that first log out from your account in all the logged in devices
 Clear the cache of web browser
 Restart now
 Log in to your yahoo mail account

If the problem still continues dial yahoo email support number toll free 1866-376-9956 (24*7/365 days). Our well experienced technicians assist you to overcome these error codes and for further any queries contact yahoo customer service. The skilled technicians give step by step assistance and educate you about the query and its consequences. They guide you how to handle the issue. Our yahoo technical support is always open to queries with complete readiness of instant solution working round the clock.

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