Unusual activity in your mail reach Yahoo customer service number 1-866-376-9956

Yahoo Customer Service Number

Yahoo is an email client that helps its user to send a message, document or any file in regards to their personal or official work. It is a safe and secure mode of transferring your data. But at times due to the carelessness of the user the account may be compromised by a third party. This unusual activity signifies that your account is hacked by a computer nerd. In such situations without any delay call Yahoo technical support number to recover to account. The skilled technician will help you out.

The lack of security settings in users yahoo mail account probes the hacker to steal the information and is held to be in continuous usage for his requirements. So security setting is very imported to keep your account safe. How can it be done more effectively? This can be done by providing Second ID verification.

Yahoo Email Support Number
Yahoo Email Support Number +1-866-376-9956

Why should I go for second ID Verification? And How?

you might be asked to go through a second verification step when you find any unusual signs about your log-in or recent activity, in-spite of entering the correct password. This is to protect your yahoo account from unauthorized access.

A second ID verification is done when

• Yahoo notices suspicious account activity
• You’re using an unfamiliar browser or device
• you are traveling away from your location
• You have signed in using a VPN or proxy server
• You’ve logged in with an incognito or private window
• Many attempts are made to sign in with incorrect passwords
• First-time signup for a new device
• Cleared your browser history or data cache including cookies

Choose where Yahoo can send you an Account Keycode. It can go to your Yahoo app in recovery phone or recovery email. Once you receive the code, you can enter it where you have logged in
Fix your problems verifying the Account Keycode

• Incorrect verification code – If the Account Key is incorrect or expired, click Resend SMS/Resend email to get a new one.
• Invalid phone number – We can only send an Account Key to mobile phone number, not to landlines or internet phone services
• View your recent activity to see the apps and devices that can access your yahoo account.

Yahoo customer service number toll free +1-866-376-9956 are always open to queries. Highly qualified technical experts give proficient assistance and resolve your queries in short span of time. We also provide efficient technical support to Epson and Canon printers via Epson printer customer service and Canon tech support number respectively. Connect with us to serve you better.

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